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NECA 2015-16 Membership Drive

We ask an additional $1.75 to cover the PayPal fees. The total is $36.75.

We are now collecting for 2016-17! Please send $35.00 by check or $36.75 by PayPal.
Membership checks payable to "NECA" ($35) should be sent to
Kathy Rodden
Membership Chair
7083 N. McAlpin

If you would like to make a donation beyond your membership fee, it is of course appreciated. You may use the button below to donate any amount you wish. Thank you!

North Edgebrook Civic Association

State of the Ward - Tuesday, March 21st

Alderman Napolitano will be joining us in the library at Wildwood School on Tuesday, March 21st at 7 PM for a "State of the Ward" meeting. This is a great opportunity to meet our Alderman in person and ask any questions or make any comments. We would ask that you use Door 8 by the main parking lot off Mendota. The Library is just to your left and down the stairs.

Third Friday is Back

You may have seen the "Third Friday" signs last year on the McAlpin Island between Hiawatha and Tahoma. There were informal gatherings at the Island on the third Friday of each month last fall. Signs were posted on either end of the island the week before. We met some new neighbors and had a lot of fun. Please join us in continuing a new tradition this year, weather permitting. Please bring a chair, your favorite beverage, and join us on the third Friday of each month, starting Friday, March 17th. We will set up the NECA tent and banner around 7:30 PM and hope to meet more neighbors this year! Please reach out to your friends who live in our neighborhood and join us.

Enjoy our Park and Help Keep Wildwood Safe

While we encourage everyone in our community to enjoy our park, it's important that we do so responsibly. To this end, we are sponsoring two initiatives to help keep the park safe and clean. First, we are encouraging everyone in the community to include Wildwood Park in your evening walks, especially Friday and Saturday nights between 9 and 10:30 PM. Second, if you live on the park where you might witness any inappropriate behavior, we ask that you join our phone tree. You can reach out to either Erick Robertson or Ellen Davidson to be included. This gives us more opportunities to alert the police quickly, and helps us get a faster response time. Please remember - if you see any illegal behavior in the park, the police have advised us to call 9-1-1 and not to confront anyone directly. Together we can help make sure Wildwood Park remains safe!

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