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NECA 2016-17 Membership Drive

We ask an additional $1.75 to cover the PayPal fees. The total is $36.75.

We are now collecting for 2016-17! Please send $35.00 by check or $36.75 by PayPal.
Membership checks payable to "NECA" ($35) should be sent to
Kathy Rodden
Membership Chair
7083 N. McAlpin

If you would like to make a donation beyond your membership fee, it is of course appreciated. You may use the button below to donate any amount you wish. Thank you!

Participatory Budget Voting

Each year, our Ward gets a "Menu Fund" which the Alderman can use as his or her discretion towards the good of the Ward. Historically, most of this money has gone towards street resurfacing, but they also serve other projects around the Ward. This year, freshman Aldermen are required to use a new system in Chicago called "Participatory Budgeting," and that includes our ward. As such, our ward is now voting on how to spend this money.

You can download a copy of the ballot, which is also available on the Alderman's website. But you will need to vote in person. There are two questions you will be asked to answer. The first is the percentage of the menu budget that will be used for street resurfacing. The second is to rank four projects based on how important you think the project is to the ward. The remaining money will be used for the highest-ranked projects. Projects #1 and #4 both include items which will specifically benefit our neighborhood, so I hope you would consider ranking them the highest.

Here is where you can vote:

  • Tuesday, March 7, 3:45 to 5 PM at Wildwood School
  • Anytime before March 10th at the alderman's office, 7442 N. Harlem
  • Additional satellite times and locations are available on the 41st Ward website

    Thank you very much for your support!

  • Every person aged 16 and over is eligible to vote.

    Project #1 is COMMUNITY GARDEN / BEAUTIFICATION and will include establishing a Wildwood Community Garden on "the triangle" at Caldwell and Estes. This is one of the areas of the community that we currently pay to maintain, so putting a community garden there would remove one of our expenses as an association. This project would also upgrade the existing Blue Star Memorial Garden at Harlem & Avondale, as well as put planter boxes on Oliphant and Devon.

    Project #4 is PEDESTRIAN / TRAFFIC SAFETY and would renovate the parking spaces on the west side of Wildwood Park (on Leoti) where the stone pillars are. Those pillars will be replaced and diagonal parking will be installed. This project would also provide similar upgrades along Ionia near Edgebrook School, as well as other safety upgrades around the ward.

    We also hope to get Fitch and Estes resurfaced, on the Lehigh side of the neighborhood. Also, there is a section of Hiawatha just south of the school which is pretty bad.

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