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NECA 2018-19 Membership Drive

We ask an additional $1.75 to cover the PayPal fees. The total is $36.75.

We are now collecting for 2018-19! Please send $35.00 by check or $36.75 by PayPal.
Membership checks payable to "NECA" ($35) should be sent to
Erick Robertson
7136 N. McAlpin

If you would like to make a donation beyond your membership fee, it is of course appreciated. You may use the button below to donate any amount you wish. Thank you!

About NECA

What is the North Edgebrook Civic Association (NECA) ?
NECA covers the north side of Edgebrook. We consist of approximately 800 households within the perimeter of Caldwell on the west, Lehigh on the east, Mendota on the south and Touhy and Sherwin on the north. If you received this newsletter you are part of NECA.

NECA's Purpose
NECA began with one main goal - snowplowing.
At the time NECA began, the City never plowed side streets. While the City now plows side streets, they are plowed long after the snowfall stops as the main arterial streets are the City's priority. In order to make sure our streets are passable after a snowstorm, a private contractor is hired to plow our streets curb to curb after 2 inches of snow has fallen.

NECA Snow Plowing Route Map

Snowplowing is our major expense but we also pay for landscaping of common areas such as the island on McAlpin, the triangle at Caldwell and Estes and the circle at Sherwin and McVicker. NECA purchased and maintains the "Welcome to North Edgebrook" signs throughout the neighborhood. NECA is also your voice regarding concerns affecting our area. The NECA officers actively work with various governmental and other agencies including the Alderman, Park District, Police Department, Schools, ComEd and the local Zoning Advisory Board.

If there are any concerns regarding the neighborhood please let us know.

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