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NECA 2018-19 Membership Drive

We ask an additional $1.75 to cover the PayPal fees. The total is $36.75.

We are now collecting for 2018-19! Please send $35.00 by check or $36.75 by PayPal.
Membership checks payable to "NECA" ($35) should be sent to
Erick Robertson
7136 N. McAlpin

If you would like to make a donation beyond your membership fee, it is of course appreciated. You may use the button below to donate any amount you wish. Thank you!

North Edgebrook Civic Association

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

The North Edgebrook Civic Association (NECA) is an organization that serves almost 800 homes in our neighborhood. We collect money each year to pay for snowplowing on our streets and landscaping of our public areas. This is a voluntary membership open only to residents and businesses of our neighborhood, and we appreciate the support we continue to get from the community.

Membership in NECA is available to our neighbors between Caldwell and Lehigh from Welcome to North signs along Hiawatha and Ionia to the small subdivision north of Touhy connected through Meade Ave. We can offer our community services only through your support through membership. Please return the attached envelope and card with a check for $35 made out to North Edgebrook Civic Association or NECA. You may also pay through the website, although this year we will ask for an additional $1.75 to cover PayPal processing fees.

Our snowplowing service remains the same this year, with rates and service unchanged. We make this effort every fall in order to supplement the City's plowing. Our service brings trucks to our neighborhood more quickly to keep our streets passable during a snowfall. It also cleans our streets curb-to-curb once the snow has stopped. During a major snowstorm, the city remains focused on the large streets and t have time to take care of our streets sometimes until well after the snow stops. So it's important to have an additional service so that we can get where we need to go when Winter does its worst.

The other service that we provide is landscaping for our common areas. These are "The Island" in the middle of McAlpin by Hiawatha and "The Triangle" at Caldwell and Estes. In an effort to cut costs, we are trying to work with the city to pass official maintenance responsibility to a city department. Until then, we maintain this land so the residents who live nearby don't have to.

Please keep an eye out for our 2015-16 newsletter, which we expect to be delivered around Halloween.

Erick Robertson
NECA President

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